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The Emergency Flood Barrier

The Problem

Flooding is becoming more frequent and less predictable. In many areas there is not the room or time for a permanent flood prevention. Floodmate is the solution when time is short, taking only 30 minutes to install and will protect your business or home from any flood damage.

What is Floodmate?

Floodmate is an Emergency Flood Barrier that is used to protect against expensive flood damage for a number of different applications. Floodmate is the all round non-permanent prevention to flash flooding. It can be easily installed in around 30 - 45minutes and is placed around anywhere in need of protection. Using State or the art adaptive materials it can be deployed around your front door and using the pressure and the weight of the water creates a seal with the ground and walls.

Protect or Divert

Floodmate can also be used as a floodwater diversion. It can be placed in the line of water flow to be directed away from houses or other areas. Floodmate Divergent is suitable to protect a big driveway or divert away from your home or business.


FloodMate is supplied flat packed, placed in the desired postion and then filled with water by connecting your garden hose. This can take between 30 - 45

minutes to fill depending on water flow. Using water pressure and smart

polymers it creates a seal with your house wall and the ground to create a

barrier to stop water seeping through. This can then protect from up to 300mm of water.


Quick to install, taking 30 - 45minutes to fill with water.

Non permanent meaning no fixings or installation is needed.

Universal application, can be suitable for your front door, back door, garage, shed, gate, driveway, business or anywhere else that is vulnerable.

Can also be used for diverging water away from homes and other areas

Easy to remove.

Light and easy to transport and store when not in use.

Can be linked to other Floodmate units if needed.

Made from lightweight fabric.

How it Works

Floodmate is filled with water and uses the weight of this along with the pressure of the floodwater to create a seal with the ground and the area it is placed. A lot of time was spent researching and testing materials to provide a product that will save you the inconvenience and cost of a flooded home or business.

Where can it be used?

Floodmate can be placed anywhere at risk of flooding. Originally designed to fit around your front door whilst leaving enough room for you to still step over it and enter. It can also be used for back doors, patio doors, garages and sheds or any place of business.


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